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Miroslav Linhart was born 27.11. 1963 in Prague. In 1988 he acheived a diploma at the faculty of naturalistics Charles University for hydrogeology. At the age of eleven he took to the guitar. He graduated at the school of arts from professor Miroslav Mizera after seven years of classical guitar. At 17 years of age he fell in love with the electric guitar and music with an american essence.
From 1981 he became a group member of the prague reggae and soul group YOYO Band. The best years of Yoyo band was with their fourth album called Karviná (1993,which sold 130,000 copies), and got many big awards including three Gramy awards and a platin disc.
Other than Yoyo band in the 90's Mirek Linhart put great dedication into studio work,including singing, guitar playing for other groups and producing albums. In 1999-2007 Mirek played and sung with the funk group Žáha which recorded two discs. Sometimes he playes with the group Honza Kalousek and from the year 2004 because of music production work on the album Tisíc způsobů jak zabít lásku, he preforms with Lenka Filipová. These last two years he also sings and playes in a guitar duo entitled Melouni together with Lukáš Zita and also in the trio group Others, which formed from the group Žáha.
Along side music Mirek Linhart is a family man. He is married, has two children, Marek and Radka, a dog called Arnošt and a cat called Doylea. Whenever there is a possibility Mirek takes to his most passionate hobby number one which is freediving and sperfishing.